How to Clean Your Dishwasher (Because Yes, You Totally Should)

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When was the last time you cleaned your dishwasher? And be honest—did you even know that you had to? It’s all too easy to forget that the things that clean our things need to be cleaned, too! We figure daily soap or detergent sessions should be enough to keep things sparkling, but all that heavy-duty washing can cause buildup of …

What We’re Reading, Watching, and Learning in August

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As perpetual learners and constant questioners, the Aunt Fannie’s team is always looking for ways to up our game—and we believe there’s no better teacher than science and nature itself. That’s why we’re always scouring the web, magazines, podcasts, and tips from friends to discover fascinating new facts about insects, wild research about the microbiome, new, safer ways to care …

Is your state home to virus-bearing Aedes aegypti mosquitoes?

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2018 is shaping up to be a pretty major year for mosquito-borne illnesses. Daytime “ankle biter” mosquitoes that can transmit the viruses that cause Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever are pestering Southern California, West Nile Virus (which can cause meningitis and brain inflammation) has been plaguing Michigan and New Jersey and dozens of other states, and Zika virus disease …

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Keep Your Bathroom Sparkling in 3-ish Minutes a Day

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Let’s face it—a Sunday afternoon spent scouring shower tile and scrubbing a toilet isn’t exactly how most of us would prefer to spend our free time. We get it, and there have certainly been times in our lives when it was easier to simply close the door on the grime and gunk of the bathroom and pretend it wasn’t getting …

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Why You Should Open Your Windows Once a Day

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A breath of fresh air, a cool breeze, the smells of pine, jasmine, roses, and wisteria… all excellent reasons to tear open the shutters and let a bit of the outside move through your home. Many of us instinctively appreciate the way things just feel better when there’s a cleansing draft moving through the house—especially in warmer weather—but thanks to …

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What We’re Reading, Watching, and Learning this Month

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Here at Aunt Fannie’s, we’re a community of lifelong learners. We’re always looking for new ways to optimize our health, understand our world, strengthen our relationships, and take care of the creatures—both large and microscopic—that help our environment thrive. Every month, we like to share the stories that sparked a conversation in the office, plus handy tips and tricks we’ve …

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How Often Do I Really Need to Wash My Towels and Sheets?

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Outside of our clothes, the two fabrics that touch our skin the most are sheets and towels. (Inside of our clothes, we’re naked). Hand towels, bath towels, and pool towels, from bath time to beach time, chances are you’re using lots of towels this time of year. And if you’re getting a full eight hours of sleep every night, on …

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Our Favorite Fridge-Cleaning Tips to Keep Food Fresh

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A major key to eating healthier is making more of your meals at home, and whether you opt for deliveries of food-prep kits or do the grocery shopping the old fashioned way, the fridge is where it all starts. Chances are you’re going to be much more excited to make dinner the end of the day (instead of popping open …

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Why Do Mosquitoes Always Bite Me?

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The summer solstice has passed and the fireworks have blasted, so it’s prime time for cookouts, campouts, and hangouts—all outside, of course. Whether backyard barbecues or backcountry backpacking is more your style, there’s no better time to enjoy the great outdoors. Of course, the desire to make the most of the season is also shared by pretty much everything else …


10 ways to cut down on plastic waste at home and beyond

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Raise your hand if you’re worried you’re recycling wrong (FYI: we’re waving ‘em over here right along with you). It can be confusing to know which bits and bobs from daily life can make their way back to us in a recycled form—and the fact is many different kinds of plastics can’t be recycled by our local city governments, and …

What We’re Reading, Learning, and Watching this June

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Aunt Fannie’s founder Mat Franken is one curious dude. He’s constantly scanning headlines, chatting with people in the know, and keeping his eyes open for new ways to understand, explore, and appreciate the microbiome, great health, safer housekeeping, and the large and small ways we’re all connected. Here’s what’s on his list of discoveries this month: speaking up for the …

Spotlight on FlyPunch!: How it Came to Be and Why it Works

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Back when Aunt Fannie’s was just a twinkle in the eye of our founder Mat Franken, his family had a fruit fly problem in Florida. His toddler had developed a suite of food allergies, so the whole clan was eating a revamped menu full of fresh fruit and vegetables. It was October at the time, and the windows were thrown …

Why Vinegar Works as a Safe Home Cleaning Solution

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Who doesn’t love that clean, fresh feeling after a whole-house scrub down?! A clean house is a blank canvas: when the clutter and mess is cleared, there’s space to create, discover, relax, and have fun. But the dirty truth is that breathing deep to enjoy that feeling can come with consequences if you’re using chemical cleaners with toxic ingredients. The …

What We Read, Watched, and Learned in May

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It’s no secret that we love to discover how wild, invisible connections shape the natural world, our bodies, and even our relationships. To keep up with the world’s ever-growing understanding of the microbiome’s impact on our lives, we’re always on the hunt for new research, inspiring stories, and helpful resources to share with the Aunt Fannie’s fam. This month’s reading …

The Most Common Pests in Your State (And How We Can Help)

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Fighting a wave of tiny invaders? You’re totally not alone. Wherever you are in the country, it’s pretty much impossible to keep household pests away forever—no matter how much you clean, spray, or trap. Life finds a way! The difference between stressing and keeping calm when creepy crawlies inevitably show up? Having a safe course of action when you see …

The Importance of a Healthy Home Microbiome

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You’re probably aware of the microbiome in your gut, but there’s another microbiome that has a major impact on your health, and it’s not inside your body—it’s inside your home…on your counters, in the air, and on every piece of furniture. That’s right: Now that the importance of maintaining a healthy diversity of bacteria in our digestive systems, on our …

What We’re Reading, Learning, and Watching this Month

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Our founder Mat Franken is always on the lookout for news, research, and inspiration related to wellness, the good life, and the microbiome, so we figured we’d share his reading and watching list every now and then! This month: Edible skincare, cancer-fighting microbes, and #fridgegoals: Farm-to-Face Skincare (via Forbes) It’s no secret that we believe in the power of food-based …

Aunt Fannie’s Favorite Fictional Bugs

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Here at Aunt Fannie’s, while we make nontoxic pest control products, we don’t really think of insects as “pests.” Ants, spiders, bees, and other ‘creepy crawlies’ are a vital part of the world’s ecosystems and help us in so many ways, from breaking down waste and pollinating our crops to preserving the natural balance of wildlife and playing an important …