When you’re feeling a little down or you’ve got a case of the “blahs,” chances are that you’ve maybe let self-care take a backseat to caring for, well, everything else. Even in the hustle and bustle business of life, it’s important to remember to treat yourself and find those small but important ways to add joy to your everyday life. And sometimes, caring for your space can be just as important as caring for yourself, because we all feel better when we’re happy and comfortable in our homes.

If you need to spend time getting your home in order, but you also need a bit of a pick-me-up, you’re in luck! There are tons of ways to brighten your day and get things done around the house at the same time. Try these home care tips that can also boost your mood, and we bet you’ll be feeling an extra spring in your step in no time. 

1. Let Lemon Lift Your Mood

hardwood floor cleaner

Skip the harsh-smelling cleaners and use products with a scent that’s scientifically proven to boost your mood. According to a study, the smell of lemon made people feel more positive and majorly improved their mood. So adding a little lemony freshness to your household cleaning routine could be the perfect pick me up. And you’re in luck! Our Aunt Fannie’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner has a fresh lemon scent because it’s made with 100% essential oils. Dilute just ½ a cup of floor cleaner in 2 gallons of water and prepare to feel the positive vibes while you clean that floor.

2. Turn on Music and Dance it Out 

Five-six-seven-eight, work it! When we’re feeling a little down, moving is the last thing we want to do. But even if you’d rather be a lump on the couch, you might want to consider dancing away your feelings. Physical activity releases endorphins that improve your mood, and dancing to music has been shown in a study to improve mood more than just listening to music or exercising separately. Cleaning your home is the perfect excuse to blast the music and dance along while getting things done. It will make the chores go by faster and give you a mood boost along the way. So what are you waiting for? Get your groove on. 

3. Tidy Your Space to Help Tidy Your Mind

When things get busy, we’re all guilty of letting our homes get a little cluttered and untidy. Because after a long day, who has the energy to put everything away? However, when your space is tidy and organized, it reflects positively on your mood. Studies show that a tidy space can reduce stress and anxiety as well as help you live a healthier life. You can even combine idea #2 above and dance around as you tidy to double-up on mood boosting power. 

4. Greenify Your Space with Indoor Plants 

houseplant and garden insect remedy

Show off your green thumb and allow indoor plants to brighten your space and your mood. If you want to spruce up your home, but don’t know where to start, then plants may be the solution. Indoor plants not only look beautiful, but they come with a whole host of benefits. Scientific studies have shown that plants help reduce your stress levels and boost your mood, and they even help freshen the air inside your space. Feel an immediate lift whenever you walk into your home filled with greenery. And don’t forget your Aunt Fannie’s Houseplant and Garden Insect Remedy to keep your plants bug-free and healthy.

5. Decorate with Colors That Boost Your Mood

Another important part of home care is making your home beautiful. If you’re in the midst of decorating, think about how your color choices might affect your mood. Warmer colors like red and yellow can stimulate, increase energy and even boost mood. And cooler colors like green, blue and gray can have a stress reducing effect. However, studies show that colors affect people differently, so think about what colors make you happy or calm. Then choose paint, wallpaper, or art based on a color that improves your mood. Your space will look great, and you’ll feel happier for it. 

There are so many ways to care for your home while also taking care of yourself with just a few tweaks to your existing routines. Adding mood-lifting scents and colors or finding ways to add joy to household tasks will help keep both you and your home happy and thriving. Devoting time to the space where you spend most of your time will have mood-boosting benefits in the long run as well, because when you’re content in your space, then you always have somewhere that you can relax and recharge whenever you need. 

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