Introducing probiotic power for home & hands.

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All Aunt Fannie's Vinegar Cleaning Products get all "A" ratings for safety from EWG.

No sulfates, phthalates, bleach, ammonia, petroleum or synthetic "fragrance"

We’re interconnected. Not just humans, but every organism, seen or unseen, relies on other species for life. What we put into this world, or take out, impacts all of us.

Our Founder

I never set out to be a health crusader or an entrepreneur. One day my toddler got sick. Then sicker. We tried every doctor, every lifestyle change. When we finally cleaned up our cleaning products, he got truly well. And I got a mission.

We’re here to take the very best care of your loved ones,


About Us

mat franken

allergy free home cleaning products

“The truth is in here. And we’re just getting started.”

– Mat Franken, Founder

What is the microbiome?

Each of us is a collection of microbiomes that join together into one big super-system. There’s a microbiome alive in our bodies and on them, in our living spaces, just about everywhere. Each is always changing, based on where we are and what we do. Sit on a chair, open the window, give a hug, pet a dog – you’ve influenced your micros.

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Why We Love to Say No

As much as they get knocked, we think participation medals serve a great purpose—they help kids realize that making an effort, even a minimal one, is worth noting. It can propel them toward future greatness. But when it comes to cleaning and personal care products? Nope. Just showing up isn’t enough. Throwing in a few…

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