Chores? Snore.

Chores? Snore.

It’s high time we see housekeeping as daily acts of wellness, love and self-care. We design for health, performance and as much joy as one can feel while scrubbing a toilet.

We spend 95% of our lives indoors.

We spend 95% of our lives indoors.

How you clean matters.

See what’s inside

Clean is Messed Up!

We’ve been sold the idea that we have to use harsh chemicals to “clean.” Scientists are now finding evidence that it may be messing with our health.

Does every spill require surgical level sanitizing?
Does fake lemon smell like lemon?
Like the beauty industry, cleaning is unregulated.
What are you even wiping out anyway?
How natural is your natural cleaner?
You Know it in Your Gut

You Know it in Your Gut

We don’t need to go nuclear on every critter or spill.

Nature has power that science is just beginning to understand. We were born to be part of the natural order, and working with it can only help us.

“I never set out to be an entrepreneur or a health crusader. Like so many, my journey started with a health crisis. The quest for answers that followed changed us forever. Aunt Fannie’s is here to elevate and make well the sacred yet mundane work of taking care of those we love. Ourselves, pets and planet included.”