I never set out to be an entrepreneur or a health crusader. Until one day my toddler got sick. Then sicker. We traced it to autoimmune problems. I had some of the same issues, but no real answers.

So began a quest to understand all the things that make us well. Everything changed, from the food we eat to the products we use. And I discovered something much bigger.

Taking care of ourselves can be simple. Nature knows how to thrive. It can do most of the dirty work with us. Our grandparents and great-grandparents got this. They knew how to work with nature’s rhythms and powers. In fact, I named Aunt Fannie’s after my grandmother, a woman with enough life force and common sense to set this whole world straight.

And the bigger epiphany? With a little love, the daily scrub up can be an act of caring, connection and peace of mind. From our package design to our functional essential oil scents, we’re here to help. Yeah, there can be a little magic in your dish soap. Especially when we boost it with the latest from beauty, self-care and healthy living.

Now it’s my mission to bring wellness to our homes. We spend 95% of our lives inside. Why not make the very best of it? Aunt Fannie’s adds good to every product, every task, every time you put us to work.

It doesn’t take sickness to get well. Surround yourself with what’s best for you.

Add a little good and things can only get better,

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