Spring is officially here! If you’re anything like us, the equinox makes you want to throw open the windows, roll up your sleeves, and put a little spring shine on all the surfaces in the house that might have been forgotten over the colder months. To help supercharge your spring cleaning, peruse our spring cleaning checklist to welcome your home to the sunny side of life.

lime mint cleaning vinegar

Clean the things that clean your things. Our dishwashers and laundry machines do a lot of heavy lifting for us—and returning the favor can keep them efficient in the long run. Take some time to empty any food traps, use our Cleaning Vinegar to remove any soap reside, and while you’re at it, toss out that old sponge and treat yourself to a pack of new ones. Your sink will thank you.

Let your vents vent a little. Now’s the time to remove buildup from your kitchen range hood, heater grates, ceiling fans, window blinds, and anything else that helps circulate fresh air in your home. Our Cleaning Vinegar Wipes will make fast work of it.

Vacuum the lesser-loved spaces. floor cleanerBrainstorm a list of neglected spots that could use some attention, from your mattress and under the bed or couch, to the back of closets or lint-strewn laundry room corners. For washable spaces, add some extra shine with our Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner.

Let there be light! Light bulbs and light fixtures can develop a haze of gunky buildup after a few months, so give ‘em a good wipe with our Cleaning Vinegar Wipes to shine on.

Free your fridge from stinky aromas. Whether you’re into pungent cheeses or perfectly pickled sauerkraut, a foodie’s fridge doesn’t always smell like a dream come true—but the last place you want to use heavy chemicals is near your food! Enter our Cleaning Vinegars, with food-based ingredients that will freshen up your fridge faster than you can say “Limburger cheese.”

Enlist the kids! Our safe-for-the-whole-family line of cleaning products means you can confidently hand over a few Cleaning Vinegar Wipes and encourage your little one to tackle their toys and bedroom surfaces.

cleaning vinegar wipes

Think outside of the bag—the trash bag, that is. Our best intentions would confine every bit of trash into the trash bag, but we live in the real world where splashes of who knows what have left the trash can lid and interior a little less than spotless. Time to give that hardworking trashcan a good cleansing with some Cleaning Vinegar!

In the kitchen, peek under heavy cutting boards. Spot any mold or black spots? Time to toss ‘em and stock up on a few fresh, new food-prep surfaces.

For windows that really shine, step outside. Grab a bottle of Glass & Window Vinegar Wash and do a double-sided clean on the interior and exterior glass of your windows to let that spring light through. Don’t forget the mirrors throughout your house—a spotless mirror will show off the rest of the work you’ve done throughout the house!