Phthalates is one of those terms that keeps coming up in discussions of natural and safe products.

But you’re not alone if you’ve seen it and wondered: what is it? Is it really a thing? Or just marketing?

Phthalates are the chemicals used to make fragrances last longer in cleaning and personal care products. That crazy strong “pine” or “lavender” scent in a bathroom? Thank phthalates.

Why Phthalates Matter

They are listed as an endocrine disruptor by the EWG. They’ve also been linked to asthma and allergies. They can accumulate in our bodies. The effects of bioaccumulation and sensitivity are typically the most pronounced in babies and young kids.

Where Are Phthalates

Hard to say, as manufacturers are not required to list them on their product labels. However, they are commonly used in air fresheners, cleaning products, baby products and more.

That includes “natural” products. Because the term fragrance is protected as a trade secret, it’s a potential double whammy for product transparency.

Aunt Fannie’s is Phthalate-Free

We use no phthalates in our products – or artificial fragrances, for that matter. All of our cleaning and personal care products are designed to the EWG A-safety standard. And all use 100% essential oil scents.

They may not linger as long or smell as strong, but with Aunt Fannie’s you can breathe easy. We list all ingredients right on our label. No hidden additives here!

Check out our Cleaning Vinegars, Wipes, Floor Cleaners and Glass & Window Wash to see (and smell them) for yourself.

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