Healthier Housekeeping

I was a normal dad with normal kids and a normal life. Until one day, I wasn’t. My happy, healthy toddler became a moody mess.

Soon my boy had full-blown and life-threatening allergies, severe eczema, reflux and more. We went to doctors and to work. Out went allergens, plastics, processed foods. He got better but not well.

We’d changed everything—we thought. But the chemicals and crap we took out of the family diet were still in our broom closet. We discovered the products that kept the house “clean” and “germ-free” went too far, wiping out the good microbes and sending our son’s system into permanent overdrive. Even “naturals” were too processed.

The answer was non-disruptive ingredients that adapted along with other living things —human and microscopic — over millennia. And surprise: they worked!

The house was clean. My son was reborn. And Aunt Fannie’s was born.

How I wish this story was unique. Most everyone at our company has gone through their own health journey.

It doesn’t take sickness to get well. We’re all in this world together, so please, join us in reclaiming our homes, our health and our place in the bioverse.

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Who is Aunt Fannie?

Inspired by our founder’s grandmother, Aunt Fannie is an homage to those who get it and get it done. The roll-up-your-sleeves type who takes on the unidentifiable, the post-party, the creepy crawly or the personal mess without fear. Or fumes.

What Makes Aunt Fannie's Different?

Healthy Houskeeping with Aunt Fannie


Aunt Fannie’s believes in a healthy balance between our bodies and the indoor microbiome, so we don’t use man-made antibacterials.

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Highly Evolved

We aim to use ingredients in their original state, unaltered in labs.

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Worry Free

We do not use naturally derived but questionable ingredients like formaldehyde or petrochemical propellants.

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Our Backers

Monica Nassif

Founder, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day & Caldrea

Dave Charne

CEO, Fyrn

Mark Haas

Former Director of Operations, Annie's

Jeff Klineman

Editor-in-Chief, BEVNET

Barclay Hope

Former President, Albert's Organics

Richard Harvey

Former President, Williams-Sonoma

Jeff Grogg

Former Chief of R&D, Kashi

Dave Andron

Television & Film Producer

Ric Alvarez

Former Member of the Board, Bush Beans

Kay Hong

CEO, Torrid

JJ Cantrell

VP of Sales, UNFI