Why Startups Need Female Perspectives

Why Startups Need Female Perspectives

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There is a growing demand for qualified female leadership across the business world, and the start up world is no different. Our CEO Mat Franken efforts to fill the Aunt Fannie’s Board of Directors with unique perspectives and individuals – such as Ms Monica Nassif – resulted in learning a few things along the way. He explains why it is important for him, as a male leader, to find a qualified female founder/CEO to join the Board of Directors:

I’m smart enough to realize that I can offer only a male perspective. My point of view, insight and life experience is very different from a woman’s. But as we search for the right c-level female board members, we’ve seen that the available number of high-profile, female entrepreneurs and CEOs is much smaller than anticipated…

– Mat Franken, CEO of Aunt Fannie’s

Doing so proved to be more difficult than he first expected it to be, and as a result, our Mat had a few things to share with Entrepreneur.com. In his quest to add female board members to Aunt Fannie’s, he learned three key ideas along the way:

  • There are organizations of successful women who have banded together to make their individual successes a collective and formidable force.
  • Direct outreach to female leaders, even those we’ve had no prior relationship with or introduction to, is quite open and welcoming.
  • Searching for good female candidates is one of the criteria that should be part of any board-building process, not just our own.

To learn more about these three things and Mat’s quest to find a female founder/CEO, read the full article titled “Building A Board: Female Founders/CEOs Wanted” on Entrepreneur.com.