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Why Probiotic Cleaning?

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Why Probiotic Cleaning?

For years, we’ve been sold that “clean” meant to sanitize, disinfect, antibacterial everything. But the dirty secret is that the good bacteria far outnumbers the bad amongst the daily grime.

AF Probiotic Cleaning Friendly Germs

We were constantly getting rid of gazillions of friendly bacteria for fear of germs. Soon things began to get a little funky.

So funky the FDA made Triclosan and other antibacterial soap and body washes illegal in the US a few years ago. Why? Manufacturers could not prove they were safe for regular daily use over time. And there’s evidence that overuse could lead to rogue, drug-resistant superbugs that grow resistant to the chemicals, medicines and yes, microflora, made to fight them.

The overuse of antibacterial cleaners may also lead to the creation of drug-resistant superbugs, organisms that build up a tolerance to the chemicals trying to eliminate them. Interestingly, the FDA has now banned consumer antibacterial soaps and body washes, because manufacturers couldn’t prove that the ingredients were safe for daily use over a long period (the ruling didn’t apply to hand sanitizers, hand wipes, or health care settings).1

Meanwhile, we continue to wipe out those friendly microorganisms that have a rightful place in our bodies, our homes. The ones that are there to help keep things healthy.

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The FDA made triclosan and other antibacterial soap and body washes illegal in the U.S.A a few years ago.

AF Probiotic Cleaning Gut Health

You know it in your gut

Gut health introduced America and the world to the microbiome. The microbiome in the gut is often called our “second brain.” Why? We’re just starting to understand the role it plays in regulating our bodies and our immunity, our moods, even our weight.

However, those little guys also do the job of fighting off the bad guys naturally. No harsh chemicals required.


AF Probiotic Cleaning New Natural

Probiotics are the new natural

Probiotic supplements taught us about the power of putting good into our systems. Natural cleaning and beauty woke us up to the potential impacts of the products we use (P.S. – Natural doesn’t necessarily mean most of the ingredients are clean, but we digress.).

Microcosmic® cleaning brings the concepts of both clean and good into your home and your hands.

Our household cleaner combines safe plant based cleaners with a lactobacillus ferment (think of gut-healthy goodies like kombucha and kimchi—fermenting and good microbes go together). This captures all the benefits of friendly microflora in a supersafe form we borrowed from high-end skin care.

This can do good things for your counter – and the bare baby butts that touch the bath, the 3-second rule for your counter and the hands that touch the cloth and the spray when you clean.

We formulated to the EWG A-safety rating, eliminating any harsh chemicals and faux “fragrances” that can make eyes water, people sneeze and potentially have more serious effects.2

We believe every positive step helps when it comes to our homes, our health, our loved ones and the health of the planet.

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