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Why Food-Based Housekeeping?

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Have you ever wiped down your countertops with a Lysol wipe? Do you grab the can of Raid when a spider scuttles across your floor? Have you scrubbed your bathroom with bleach? Chances are, you have. And you probably haven’t given much thought to your health and safety when using those products (we get it, you’re focused on watching that spider die – DIE, YOU!). We’ve made assumptions that because it’s sold in the grocery store, safety doesn’t need to be much of a concern. Unfortunately, that’s far from accurate. And that’s no bueno.

These days, consumers are more sophisticated than ever and demand to know what’s in the products they bring into their home, from food to cleaning. And rightfully so. A staggering 70% of the 17,000 chemicals used in conventional cleaning products have not been tested on the effects of human health. Cleaning has no regulatory oversight, so manufacturers have been able to produce products using substances that are harmful, toxic and in some cases, carcinogenic. Exposure to them has been linked to allergies, asthma, cancer, autoimmune disorders…and the list goes on.

But we’re not hamstrung. Mother Nature has already provided us with all the tools we need to keep our homes clean and healthy without the use of dangerous synthetic chemicals. She’s cool like that.

Aunt Fannie’s is dedicated to creating cleaning and pest products using ingredients that are derived FROM food. Our mission is to reduce the use of toxic, unsafe chemicals in our homes by educating families about the dangers of the chemicals we use every day. More importantly, we don’t just believe in identifying a problem, but feel it’s our responsibility to provide healthier solutions.

Aunt Fannie’s wants to inspire you to live clean, truly. Please join us in the next evolutionary step in food-based cleaning and pest solutions. It’s time for Healthier Housekeeping!