What We’re Reading, Learning, and Watching this Month

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Our founder Mat Franken is always on the lookout for news, research, and inspiration related to wellness, the good life, and the microbiome, so we figured we’d share his reading and watching list every now and then! This month: Edible skincare, cancer-fighting microbes, and #fridgegoals:

Farm-to-Face Skincare (via Forbes)
It’s no secret that we believe in the power of food-based ingredients, so we’re always intrigued by the ways other entrepreneurs are cooking up solutions with a fresh-pressed factor. LOLI Beauty—the latest project from Tina Hedges, a beauty biz guru with a resume including Estée Lauder and L’Oréal—was created to offer a novel solution to the founder’s post-corporate world allergies and adrenal fatigue: personalized, kitchen-made beauty recipes using minimally processed superfood, organic, and wild harvested ingredients, down to the food-grade, edible preservatives. We like where she’s going with this.

Mat has been rubbing elbows with other gut-health geeks at the 4th Annual Translational Microbiome Conference in Boston, and has been sharing some highlights over on our Instagram and Twitter. A few more of his a-ha moments:

  • We’re learning that the microbes on our skin play a primary role in our health—and unfortunately, we don’t currently understand how conventional soaps, make-up, and other personal care products affect these health-giving microbes. Definitely makes us pause to think about what we’re regularly putting on our skin!
  • Our #microcosmic cancer-fighting future could radically change the way we treat disease. Current research is exploring how strategically using microbes can foster our body’s immuno-‘surveillance’ to a point where our immune system could naturally combat cancer!
  • It might all come down to how we clean. You may have noticed that a lot of antibiotic resistant bacteria originate in hospitals, where the facilities are sterilized to the extent that good microbes aren’t present to fight the bad, creating unchecked superbugs. Allowing good microbes to go on undisrupted may be the natural way to keep those superbugs in check, and keep our antibiotics working when we need them.

6 Ways to Get Your #FridgeGoals in Order (via Cooking Light)
Do you love peeking inside celebrity fridges as much as we do? 

Whether the contents are inspiring (like Oprah’s label machine and snapware porn) or reassuring (like Mariah Carey’s midnight Häagen-Dazs snack), the voyeuristic joy of eyeing other people’s groceries might be a universal experience. Inspired to get your own fridge in sharable condition? Cooking Light shares a few tips for spring cleaning the cool kitchen appliance (and namedrops our Cleaning Vinegar Wipes while they’re at it).