Aunt Fannie's CEO Shares Insights on Exporting as an Early-Stage Startup

Our “Unglamorous Consumer Startups” Article in Entrepreneur Magazine

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Aunt Fannie’s, and our founder Mat Franken, are starting to get a lot of attention in the consumer startup space.  When most people hear the word “startup” they immediately picture a high-growth tech company and not a household consumer good, but Mat Franken is working hard to change that image.

Overlooked by many, though, is a crop of consumer product startups, innovating under the radar well outside the tech ecosystem, that is equally deserving of both capital and media attention.

In an article recently published online by Entrepreneur Magazine, Mat lays out the four must-have’s for a consumer business to overcome the tech startup bias. It certainly isn’t an easy road to take when every investor seems to be chasing “the next Facebook” but Mat explains how using time-tested techniques and strategies can help any business overcome their “lack of technology.”

With (consumer startups) prospects brightening, it will all come down to demonstrating why a product deserves attention. Investors are beginning to listen and the prospective returns in consumer are attracting tech royalty’s eyes. It is time to give this overlooked startup space some attention.

Read the full article on Entrepreneur Magazine.