The Truth About Bleach

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Cold and flu season often leads people to grab an old-school bottle: bleach.

Here is why cleaning with bleach is not a great idea:


Anyone who’s cleaned with bleach knows – it stinks!

Even at low concentrations, people with asthma and other respiratory sensitivities or conditions may experience heightened symptoms after exposure.

Irritation such as burning eyes, irritation in eyes, mouth, lungs and skin can also be common.


Bleach is highly reactive.  It can create toxic fumes when mixed with any other kind of acid. We don’t think of “acids” when we clean, but common ones include ammonia and other agents you’ll find a typical cleaning aisle. In fact – our own natural vinegar in our products is an acid. Acid helps create that deep-clean power.

You don’t need to literally mix the two together – just wiping or mopping one wet solution on top of another can do it.


The process of making bleach is bad for the environment. It creates a substance called Dioxin, a toxic byproduct that accumulates In our bodies and can lead to health concerns. Dioxin and other bleach byproducts are also toxic to birds, fish and aquatic life.

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What do we recommend instead of grabbing bleach or bleach wipes?

Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar & Vinegar Wipes, of course.

  • Safe
  • 100% essential oil aromas
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