Stormcloud Brewing Turns to Aunt Fannie's!

Stormcloud Brewing Turns to Aunt Fannie’s!

Aunt Fannie Reviews & Testimonials

“I heard about FlyPunch at the 2015 Craft Brewer’s Conference and didn’t believe it would work. But after a particularly bad experience with fruit flies the year before – there were so many, that they worked together and flew off with Kaitlyn, one of our sweetest bartenders – we were desperate to try anything. We ordered up a case, placed several around the brewery and pub and by gosh, if it isn’t working. We’re on our third case (yes, they need to be replaced and refreshed) and while there’s still a few buzzing around, there’s nowhere near the foggy fruit fly haze, we’ve had in the past. Seriously. Give it a try.”

Brian Confer
Head Brewer & C0-Owner, Stormcloud Brewing
Frankfort, MI