Spotlight on FlyPunch!: How it Came to Be and Why it Works

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Back when Aunt Fannie’s was just a twinkle in the eye of our founder Mat Franken, his family had a fruit fly problem in Florida. His toddler had developed a suite of food allergies, so the whole clan was eating a revamped menu full of fresh fruit and vegetables. It was October at the time, and the windows were thrown open (because there are only a few months out of the year when you can keep them open in Florida) and suddenly the dinner table, the fruit bowl, the wine glasses, and seemingly every other nook and cranny of the house was swarming with fruit flies. A cloud of fruit flies from a neighboring farm had been drawn in to the farmers market worth of produce on the Franken kitchen counter, and moved in to stay.

Even after keeping the windows tightly shut and using all the conventional (read: toxic) fruit fly traps out there, the little nasties wouldn’t retreat, so Mat scoured the internet for DIY solutions. He tried them all, the dish soap, the vinegar, the beer, the wine, the prayers, but still his home was a fly oasis, drawing in more and more of the pests that are prone to carry e coli and other bacteria and viruses into the house and onto all that fresh food.

Frustrated but not one to give up, Mat went into full nerdy research mode, reading everything he could about fruit fly mating behavior, fruit fermentation, and countless scientific white papers. Finally, the research mania paid off—he’d concocted his own “homebrew” of powerfully effective and totally kid-safe fruit fly kryptonite that took care of the problem for good. Hoping to spread the good news, he brought the concoction to his neighbor who’d been suffering with a house full of the buggers for months. Though the neighbors initially laughed him out of the house, he got a call a few days later asking what kind of black magic he’d created—the fruit flies were ALL gone, and Aunt Fannie’s was born.

flypunch front

Our incredibly effective FlyPunch! captures a moment in fermentation that fruit flies are instinctively drawn to. The aroma of our food-based ingredients signal the flies to mate or lay eggs, attracting them to the heavenly smell. That aroma attracts fruit flies away from your home fruit bowl, the beer taps at your local bar, or wherever fruit flies are a bother, and when they come to investigate they’re disabled and unable to fly out, then get dragged down to the depths. Unlike other “traps,” our DiveJars aren’t a funnel, they fix the problem on contact. Simply buy it, open it, and watch your fruit flies disappear for good.

We’ve tested our FlyPunch! head to head against all the home remedies, and we beat all of them. We even challenged everyone on our team to create a home remedy based on their own research, and nothing even came close. This is the product that started it all, and we’re proud to help families across the country keep their windows open and their produce fresh. Bye, fruit flies!