‘Simple products with simple ingredients’ says Hello Splendid

Aunt Fannie In The News

Our friend Jillian over at Hello Splendid weighed in on Aunt Fannie’s. As a busy mom of two active (and adorable) kids, she knows a thing or two about prioritizing her time and energy spent cleaning the house. While whipping up a batch of your own cleaning solution is an admirable accomplishment, many moms just don’t have the bandwidth to do so – and that’s ok! Aunt Fannie’s is here for you.


We love Jillian’s real talk on the matter: “So now when I’m removing chocolate smudges and muffin that has magically become crusted to the little table Blake likes to eat at, I reach for things that make me feel good as a mom. Simple products with simple ingredients that are closer to homemade cleaners. Only, YAY! I didn’t have to make them.”

“Aunt Fannie’s cleaning vinegar is food-based, non-toxic and food grade which makes it an ideal cleaning solution in the kitchen as well as for cleaning children’s items and surfaces they frequently touch.”

Thank you, Jillian! Read her entire post here.