Perimeter Pest Powder


Be safely ruthless—banish insect invaders without carpet bombing your home in conventional chemical insecticides.

• Effective at keeping insects like roaches, ants, fleas and other creepy crawlies away
• Sprinkle outside perimeter of house and indoors in cracks and crevices
• Made using safe, microbiomic ingredients
• Safe for use near loved ones
• Non-staining formula
• Commercial grade power


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Every single one of our cleaning products has earned an ‘A’ rating from EWG.

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Get rid of roaches, ants, fleas and other insects without the use of harsh conventional chemical pesticides. Easy and highly effective, Aunt Fannie’s keeps your living space free of pests and concern. Our repellant is just that, driving away the bad while respecting the good. Inside and out, our homes have a microbiome with gazillions of invisible allies that keep us safe and strong. Aunt Fannie’s keeps your home—and you—clean, safe and healthy without getting rid of the good stuff. Our Perimeter Pest Powder is free from Dyes, Phenols, Formaldehyde, Neonicotinoids, Pyrethrins and Petroleum Propellants.


Sprinkle around perimeter of house and in cracks or crevices. Wildly effective at keeping roaches, ants, fleas and other creepy crawlies away, yet safe near your loved ones. Designed to use outdoors, but perfectly ok to use in attic, basement or other areas where bugs enter and invade. Non-disruptive ingredients that work.


Store in a cool, dry place. Do not reuse or refill container. Recycle if available.


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If contact with eyes occurs, flush with water thoroughly. If skin contact occurs, wash with soap and water. If irritation persists, contact a physician. Not for use near birds, fish, snakes or plants.


Diatomaceous Earth, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Silicate, Calcium Carbonate, Geraniol, Cornmint Oil

What is the Microbiome