Produce is Prime Real Estate

Produce is Prime Real Estate

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Where’s the first place you go in a grocery store? If you answered “the produce section” then you’re in good company. Most shoppers head for the fresh fruits and vegetables before anything else when they go grocery shopping. It’s not only the first place most people go when shopping, it’s also the first thing people take note of on their first trip to a grocery store.

A recent study found that 92% of shoppers report fresh produce was the single most important factor when choosing a grocery store.

Grocery stores have started to adapt to this fact by cleaning up their produce sections, making them easier to browse, and giving them a more natural environment. Entrepreneurs and startups have also taken notice, and are creating ideas to make healthy shopping easier than ever. Produce can be a complete meal unto itself, so why aren’t dressings and complementary foods placed with it? The produce section is ripe for growth so it’s time we started helping smart shoppers shop better!

Grocers shouldn’t shy away from taking advantage of the growing consumer trend towards healthier eating. Successful integration or non-produce is a simple matter of finding that perfect pairing.

Aunt Fannie CEO Mat Franken discusses this growing space and opportunity further in his article on here.