Perishable News Tells the FlyPunch! Story

Perishable News Tells the FlyPunch! Story

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In 2010, 31% (133 billion pounds) of the food supply in the United States went uneaten and 22% of food lost was fresh fruits and vegetables.  This significant food loss is partially attributed to contamination, however many preventative measures including pesticides then put food at risk of exposure to harmful toxins. These threats cause Carl Sobocinski, South Carolina representative for the National Restaurant Association and President of Table 301 Restaurant Group, to rely on Aunt Fannie’s® FlyPunch! to safely and effectively eliminate fruit flies in all six of his South Carolina restaurants.

“Fruit flies are a real nuisance to work around, but even more so, they cause your customers to question cleanliness,” laments Sobocinski. “Before using FlyPunch!, over the course of a week we would throw away $100-150 in product, protein, and alcohol because of the effects of fruit flies.”

Aunt Fannie’s Safe Near Food™ mission helps to ensure that all cleaning and pest removal products are all natural, and suitable for use in the home, kitchen, and anywhere else food is stored. Join Mat Franken in committing to effective, toxin-free solutions for food and health safety and to ensure that all food service environments are clean and suitable for guests.

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