Living a Fit & Full Life… with Aunt Fannie’s!

Aunt Fannie In The News

Mom blogger Living a Fit and Full Life recently put Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! to the test. Her love of potted herbs had previously posed a problem in the kitchen, as each would fall to a fruit fly infestation and she’d end up tossing the plant to alleviate the problem. After one jar of FlyPunch!, her indoor garden can now flourish pest-free!

“I was amazed at how many fruit flies were in the jar after a few days. I never thought there were that many but I guess they’re so small that you don’t really realize how many there are. I used Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! right before Thanksgiving so there were no pesky fruit flies around the house when guests arrived. I love how well it worked and will forever and always have this on hand to handle the pesky fruit flies that invade my house!”

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