Keep Fruit Flies At Bay The Natural Way

Keep Fruit Flies At Bay The Natural Way

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We all know that fruit flies are disgusting little nuisances that get on our food, embarrass us in front of guests, and reflect poorly on the home or establishment where they are found. Who wants fruit flies buzzing around when dining out at a restaurant or at home when Grandma Jones stops in for a surprise visit? No one. That’s who. But did you know that fruit flies are more than just a nuisance? They’re proven vectors of dirt and disease. Yick.

Our CEO Mat Franken recently wrote an article about fruit flies for Food Safety Magazine and had this to say

Recent research conducted by the National Institutes of Health, as well as other studies, concludes that fruit flies are proven vectors of E.coli … And while studies continue in this field, it has become clear that precaution, at a minimum, is more than warranted, if not entirely necessary.

That’s why there are myriads of DIY fruit fly traps across the internet. People have been searching for all-natural ways to get rid of these pests since the commercial grade products on the market are full of chemicals including a nerve agent used in World War 2. True story. No wonder no one wants to put that in their kitchen or near their food! FlyPunch! takes care of both problems with a safe, all natural fruit fly trap that’s easy to use, efficient, and affordable.

Read more about how to keep fruit flies at bay the natural way in this insightful article from our CEO, Mat Franken.