Aunt Fannie’s Featured in O, the Oprah Magazine

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You get a car! And YOU get a car! That’s right, folks – we’re talking Oprah. Aunt Fannie’s Glass & Window Vinegar Wash has been featured in the July 2018 issue of O, the Oprah Magazine as a ‘pick for making your conscience as clean as your home.’ We are positively honored. Good news! All of Aunt Fannie’s cleaning products …

gingersnap crafts

Ginger Snap Crafts Offers Tips for a Cleaner Home Everyday

Aunt Fannie In The News

If there is anyone who knows what it takes to keep a home clean, it’s Ginger of Ginger Snap Crafts. She’s a mama to FIVE kiddos, which means she has her black belt in Motherhood. She offers her tips on how to keep the chaos under control – and get the kids involved with the cleaning too! “My kiddos love to …

happy strong home

Get the Kids Cleaning with Happy Strong Home

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Cleaning solutions that are safe around kids? Julie Kieras of Happy Strong Home didn’t know it was possible until she heard about Aunt Fannie’s! Julie enlisted her two boys to join the Family Cleaning Team at her house, which resulted in some squeaky clean surfaces thanks to her helpers. Julie discusses the difference between plant-based and food-based cleaning products, and …

dear crissy aunt fannie's

Dear Crissy Weighs In On Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegars

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The question “If food can nourish our bodies, why can’t it also nourish our homes?” piqued the interest of writer, foodie and photographer Dear Crissy. For Crissy, it was a question worth asking. “It’s important to remember that even if you’re fortunate enough to have children who don’t deal with issues like food allergies, asthma, eczema, etc., that doesn’t mean …

‘Simple products with simple ingredients’ says Hello Splendid

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Our friend Jillian over at Hello Splendid weighed in on Aunt Fannie’s. As a busy mom of two active (and adorable) kids, she knows a thing or two about prioritizing her time and energy spent cleaning the house. While whipping up a batch of your own cleaning solution is an admirable accomplishment, many moms just don’t have the bandwidth to do …

Living a Fit & Full Life… with Aunt Fannie’s!

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Mom blogger Living a Fit and Full Life recently put Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! to the test. Her love of potted herbs had previously posed a problem in the kitchen, as each would fall to a fruit fly infestation and she’d end up tossing the plant to alleviate the problem. After one jar of FlyPunch!, her indoor garden can now flourish pest-free! Read …

Real Mom Skye Moyer Gives Aunt Fannie's the Thumbs Up

Real Mom Skye Moyer Gives Aunt Fannie’s the Thumbs Up

Aunt Fannie In The News

“The only bug more annoying than the mosquito is the fruit fly. With mosquitoes, you can simply come inside and get away from them. Fruit flies attack you inside though, and I swear once they are in your house, you simply can not get rid of them with out all sorts of nasty smelling (and unsafe) pesticides – till now.” …

good housekeeping

Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! Featured in Good Housekeeping

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Summer: the season of fresh fruit and farmers markets. Unfortunately, where fruit goes…fruit flies tend to follow. The folks at Good Housekeeping recently shared a few suggestions for dealing with an invasion of fruit flies when good fruit goes bad — including rave reviews for Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! “The chemists in the Health, Beauty, and Environmental Sciences lab at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute were excited to …