Happi’s Coverage of the FlyPunch! Story

Happi’s Coverage of the FlyPunch! Story

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In case you missed it, Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! has been flying off the shelves is selling faster than ever, and being placed in more stores and retail centers across the nation. (You can also buy it on our website by clicking that big yellow button in the top right corner…) We’re a big hit at trade shows, largely in part to getting rid of everyone else’s fruit flies, and have been traveling around the globe finding people in need of FlyPunch! everywhere.

As a result of this phenomenal growth, everyone is asking about the Aunt Fannie’s story. Thankfully, it’s pretty good one! In case it’s been bugging you too you have been wondering how Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! started, Christine Esposito of Happi Magazine just wrote an excellent article about our start and some of our recent growth.

The basic version is that Mat Franken’s neighborhood was once so overcome with swarms of fruit flies that he decided to do something about it. He never thought about selling it until friends pressured him to do after they used his special “fly punch” and couldn’t believe the results. Mat decided to do some research and some work on the formulation… then quit his day job, and has been buzzing on the passionate pursuit of eradicating fruit flies ever since.

“I came to realize that there wasn’t a product up and down food chain that would get rid of it… in agriculture or food manufacturing or bars. And I knew that there wasn’t anything in retail for consumer use.”
– Mat Franken, Aunt Fannie’s CEO

FlyPunch! has been on an incredible journey from one man’s desperate need to kill some fruit flies to an incredible product that really packs a punch that has outperformed competitors by over 500%! For more about FlyPunch! (and the Happi ending to this story), view the full article on Happi.