Keeping Green Cleaning Products Honest

Keeping Green Cleaning Products Honest

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While we are big fans here at Aunt Fannie’s of “going green” and living an all natural life, the marketing companies and corporations have jumped on the bandwagon as well… and not always with the best of intentions. Too often, they slap labels and terms on their product just to increase sales even if their products aren’t any greener or cleaner than before.

Deciphering what is truly green and all natural isn’t always easy when you’re in the store, but our founder Mat Franken is quickly becoming a leading voice in this field by authoring great pieces such as this article on Voiceboks that helps you work through the sales pitch and get to the point. Like us, they are concerned for their family’s safety!

As a parent, I have a personal interest in making choices that are good for my family and the planet, just like you. Ultimately, the best way to know what is going into the products you use is to make them yourself or find brands that are transparent about their ingredients and commit to the tenants of being truly natural.

“Green washing” is happening in big ways and we’re proud our infographic is fast becoming a reliable resource for those looking to avoid cheap marketing gimmicks and find safe, natural products for their family. While we’re always happy to see other companies putting our information to use, the comments on the post have been encouraging to read!

Great info here. I’m never quite sure of what I’m looking at, and I confess that I often end up being deceived by that “green-washing…” Thanks for the tips! – Marya


This is a lot of great information. I am definitely not one to just accept something blindly and I wished others wouldn’t put such blind faith. This is great! – Jaime Nicole

Read the full article here and if you haven’t already, check out our infographic.