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For hands. For home.

Why Probiotic Cleaning?

We’ve been sold the idea that clean = sanitized. It wipes
out all the good with the bad. Rather than antibacterial
everything, Microcosmic® cleaning works with nature.

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Why Probiotic Hand Soap?

Health experts and the CDC agree: washing hands with
soap and water is the best defense against germs, not to
mention everyday dirt. Our Microcosmic Complex uses
a lactobacillus ferment from skin care to help clean and
condition skin. Plus, it’s EWG VERIFIED™.

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100% essential oil scents,
no synthetic “fragrance”

No sulfates, phthalates, parabens,
Triclosan, bleach, MIT or BIT
preservatives, gluten, animal
testing or animal ingredients

Formulated to align with the
pH of our skin to be tough
on grime, gentle on you

Probiotics +
Plant Cleansers

What is the microbiome?

Each of us is a collection of microbiomes that join together into one big super-system. There’s a microbiome alive in our bodies and on them, in our living spaces, just about everywhere. Each is always changing, based on where we are and what we do. Sit on a chair, open the window, give a hug, pet a dog – you’ve influenced your micros.

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The Importance of a Healthy Home Microbiome

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