Our Fruit Fly Solution in Whole Foods Magazine

Our Fruit Fly Solution in Whole Foods Magazine

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Our CEO Mat Franken was recently featured in the Whole Foods Magazine in an article discussing the growing awareness of trouble with fresh food! As everyone is realizing the importance of eating fresh food, they are not aware of the potential trouble it can bring with it – the dreaded fruit fly.

This shift in consumer thinking recently inspired Whole Foods Market to get honest with customers about the downside of increased produce consumption and storage in the home. The brand now places a natural fruit fly killer in the produce department, empowering shoppers with a poison-free way to proactively eradicate fruit fly infestations before they begin.

No one wants to admit they have fruit flies in their home, but fruit flies don’t mean a house is dirty – fruit flies make their way into the cleanest homes as freeloaders on fresh fruit and produce from the store. Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! is an all-natural solution to fruit flies that’s safe for homes and businesses. Isn’t it time stores offered a better solution for people to maintain healthy lifestyles and homes?

Buy FlyPunch! online now before it is available in stores! Commercial establishments and distributors can register to purchase via a commercial account here.

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