Food Grade is Good. Here’s Why.

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There are so many ways products say “better for you” now that it’s hard to know if any of it really means anything.

Rather than add to the confusion, here’s our take on food grade and then some.

What is “food grade”?

Food grade ingredients meet the FDA standard to be safe for people to eat or to come into direct contact with food people will eat.

What is “safe for food contact surfaces?

This is one of those literal phrases none of us would say out loud. Let’s unpack it.

This means you can use the product directly on anything that touches your food—or mouth—with no harmful effects. There’s no nasty residue or chemicals to worry about or rinse off. Your baby can eat off it, your fur baby can lick it, your taco can hang there – all good.

Buy our eat-off-the-floor floor cleaner or baby-toy safe vinegar cleaners and live freely.