Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! in the Wine Business

Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! in the Wine Business

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Yet another publication picked up on Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! debut at the 2014 NRA Show… this time it’s an article on FlyPunch! in Wine Business! As big supporters of the worldwide wine industry, we couldn’t be more pleased to see that FlyPunch! is being promoted as a solution to the fruit fly problem in vineyards and wineries.

FlyPunch! is a great way for wineries to protect their natural products and processes because it is a 100% all-natural solution that is safe around food and humans alike. The competition uses chemicals that have been proved harmful for human consumption. Aunt Fannie uses nothing but all-natural compounds in a contained DiveJar to attract and kill fruit flies.

“Until now, the only commercial fruit fly killer included a nerve agent from World War II – not exactly something people want near their food” – Mat Franken, CEO of Aunt Fannie

Yikes. Aunt Fannie’s not a fan of that! What we are a fan of is eradicating fruit flies naturally and quickly. We’re also a fan of not working too hard at it which is why why FlyPunch! is as simple as opening the DiveJar, placing near the fruit flies, and repeating as often as necessary. That’s it!

Commercial consumers like wineries, breweries, restaurants, bars, and produce stands and other commercial resellers can register for a commercial account and begin purchasing FlyPunch! immediately!