FlyPunch! Rave Review by Green Cleaning Magazine

FlyPunch! Rave Review by Green Cleaning Magazine

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After our recent release of FlyPunch! to the public for sale, the reviews are starting to come in – including this rave review by Erinn Morgan of Green Cleaning Magazine! Erinn is a leading advocate of living a budget-conscious, earth-friendly lifestyle so we were very excited to see her favorable review containing quotes such as this:

We tested this product out in our kitchen and it worked very well—after opening up the (DiveJar) and placing it on the counter, fruit flies were eventually attracted to this liquid. After a few days, no more fruit flies could be found in our house. Peace at last.

Erinn, we feel your pain with fruit flies and are glad FlyPunch worked so well for you. We look forward to seeing how it works for you in the long term!

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