FlyPunch! Review by "As They Grow Up"

FlyPunch! Review by “As They Grow Up”

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Samantha, owner/founder of As They Grow Up, recently tried out FlyPunch! to see if it could handle spring’s first fruit flies. She has tried a number of home remedies in the past to eradicate them from her home without too much success.

As much as she enjoys sharing wine with her husband, she does not like sharing it with fruit flies so she was looking forward to finding a solution to her fruit fly problem. Due to all her previous attempts not living up to expectations, she reluctantly agreed to try FlyPunch! and had the following to say…

I was skeptical at first about this product, but had already tried so many diy things I had found on the internet that failed, i thought why not. Once the top of the pouch was open, they gradually started to disappear and within a day they were gone.”

– Samantha,

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