Endorsement by Carl Sobocinski of the National Restaurant Association

Aunt Fannie In The News

Carl Sobocinski, President of Table 301 Restaurant Group & South Carolina representative for the National Restaurant Association, has dealt with fruit flies his entire time in the industry, and has been searching for a solution to the problem for over 20 years. When we presented him with FlyPunch! he used it in all restaurants behind the bar, out of view of his customers, and was very happy with the results. He got immediate results, eradicated the problem, and didn’t see any more fruit flies.

Carl is very pleased that FlyPunch! is safe to use, toxin-free, safe around food and drinks, and most importantly, safe around customers and employees. Aunt Fannie’s all-natural fruit fly trap has done a much better job than any other product Carl’s restaurant group has used, including ones with toxins!

I think any operator needs this product and I endorse it at the highest level … I would encourage anyone to be proactive and use this product to prevent fruit flies from coming on board, even if they don’t already have a problem. – Carl Sobocinski, Table 301 Restaurant Group

If you know someone who could use FlyPunch! to get rid of fruit flies from their restaurant or bar, share this video with them from this page or send them the YouTube link found here!