Real Mom Skye Moyer Gives Aunt Fannie's the Thumbs Up

Real Mom Skye Moyer Gives Aunt Fannie’s the Thumbs Up

Aunt Fannie In The News


“The only bug more annoying than the mosquito is the fruit fly. With mosquitoes, you can simply come inside and get away from them. Fruit flies attack you inside though, and I swear once they are in your house, you simply can not get rid of them with out all sorts of nasty smelling (and unsafe) pesticides – till now.”

Skye Moyer, Real Mom Review’s founder and main author, gave FlyPunch! a try and the results are in. Skye has deemed Aunt Fannie’s as “a simple, honest fruit fly pesticide that is safe for use around food.” She also shares a few additional tips for food safety.

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