A Father’s Journey With His Son’s ‘Common’ Ailments

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As parents we are on a unending mission to protect our children. We strive to shield them from life’s dangers, working tirelessly to create a safe and healthy environment. So when they’re ailing, we immediately spring into action. Children today increasingly suffer from reflux, eczema and asthma, which are huge concerns for parents. So, what can we do to help our babies and toddlers when reflux, eczema or asthma strike?

Through his own experience with his son, Aunt Fannie’s founder Mat Franken learned how some of our most common household items are very real dangers. As a baby, Mat’s son began with reflux, and as he reached toddlerhood he developed severe eczema as well as asthma. After months of doctor’s visits, allergy testing and dietary overhauls, it was clear a piece of the puzzle was still missing. That’s when Mat’s family began to detoxify their household cleaning routine.

Shockingly, the air inside a typical home is 2x-5x more polluted than the air outdoors, largely due to toxic household cleaning products. And what’s worse, 70% of the 17,000 chemicals in conventional cleaners and soaps have not been tested for their effects on human health*. As a result, cleaning products are allowed to harm a family’s health. It’s clear there is a link between chemical exposure and increasingly common childhood ailments, yet there are very few regulations in place to protect us from the effects.

You’ve probably spent countless hours scrubbing down your home with conventional cleaning products that promise to kill all the bad stuff, right? Of course, you’re doing your part to safeguard your family. But what if the very products you use to “protect” your home were doing just the opposite?

Fortunately, there are alternatives to conventional cleaners that are safe yet effective. Mat Franken founded Aunt Fannie’s to harness the elements of food, creating food-based solutions to wash, scrub, and scour your home. If food can nourish our bodies, why can’t it also nourish our homes? We are clearly overdue for the next evolution in cleaning and pest, so please join us in our movement toward Healthier Housekeeping!

*SF gate article, 2006, Montana Department of Environmental Quality