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Dear Crissy Weighs In On Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegars

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The question “If food can nourish our bodies, why can’t it also nourish our homes?” piqued the interest of writer, foodie and photographer Dear Crissy. For Crissy, it was a question worth asking.

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“It’s important to remember that even if you’re fortunate enough to have children who don’t deal with issues like food allergies, asthma, eczema, etc., that doesn’t mean that they aren’t being negatively impacted by the toxins and harsh chemicals that are bombarding us every day. Why not choose products that are derived from foods? Doesn’t it just feel like a weight is being lifted when you think about what a simple way this is to eliminate unhealthy products in your home and replace them with a safer alternative?”

We couldn’t agree more! Read Crissy’s full article here.