What We’re Reading, Learning, and Watching this Month

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Our founder Mat Franken is always on the lookout for news, research, and inspiration related to wellness, the good life, and the microbiome, so we figured we’d share his reading and watching list every now and then! This month: Edible skincare, cancer-fighting microbes, and #fridgegoals: Farm-to-Face Skincare (via Forbes) It’s no secret that we believe in the power of food-based …

Aunt Fannie’s Favorite Fictional Bugs

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Here at Aunt Fannie’s, while we make nontoxic pest control products, we don’t really think of insects as “pests.” Ants, spiders, bees, and other ‘creepy crawlies’ are a vital part of the world’s ecosystems and help us in so many ways, from breaking down waste and pollinating our crops to preserving the natural balance of wildlife and playing an important …

8 Things Our Kids Have Totally Licked

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Kids are animals. At the very least, kids are a lot like animals in that they don’t have a problem putting their mouth on anything that seems tasty, feels interesting, or will likely elicit an entertaining response from any grown-ups in the room. As parents ourselves, we get it—there’s really no controlling what your kid licks, which is why we …

Aunt Fannie’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring is officially here! If you’re anything like us, the equinox makes you want to throw open the windows, roll up your sleeves, and put a little spring shine on all the surfaces in the house that might have been forgotten over the colder months. To help supercharge your spring cleaning, peruse our spring cleaning checklist to welcome your home …

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Aunt Fannie’s Adds Five New Pest Control Products to Healthy Housekeeping Lineup

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Aunt Fannie’s is adding five new pest control products to its award-winning line-up of healthy housekeeping solutions. The five new products are: Ant Remedy, Perimeter Pest Powder, Roach Remedy, Insect Repellent Cards and Mosquito Wipes body care products. The new pest products will be available March 2018 at auntfannies.com and in 1,600 retailers nationwide, including Target stores beginning June 2018. …


Aunt Fannie’s Healthy Housekeeping Products Now Available at Target

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Aunt Fannie’s is creating healthy homes, restoring the biome we live in, recharging our immunity and strengthening our families with natural, healthy household cleaning products and pest solutions. We are thrilled to announce our products will be available at Target beginning June 2018. Aunt Fannie’s products, rated best-in-class, are the healthiest and safest options for our homes, bodies, families and …

Entrepreneur Magazine Names Aunt Fannie’s One of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America”

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Aunt Fannie’s has been named one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur 360™ List, a premier study delivering the most comprehensive analysis of private companies in America. Aunt Fannie’s, ranked No. 183, is recognized as a well-rounded company that has mastered a balance of impact, innovation, growth and leadership. Aunt Fannie’s improves the health of …

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Aunt Fannie’s Launches New Look

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New year, new look! We’re excited to kick off 2018 with a fresh new take on our brand. We’re on a mission to create healthy homes, restore our home biome, recharge our immunity and strengthen our families with the most environmentally-friendly and human-friendly cleaning and pest solutions on the market. Aunt Fannie’s product innovations enhance the health and natural balance of home …

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Aunt Fannie’s Earns Small Business Innovation Award

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Small businesses are the heart and soul of Portland. It is a city that thrives on innovation and creativity. The Portland Business Journal created the Small Business Innovation Awards to showcase some of Portland’s most impressive and innovative companies that continue to prove great ideas come from the smallest of enterprises. The challenges to launching and running a small business …

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Floor Cleaner Wins NCW Magazine’s Eco Excellence Award

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We won! We are thrilled to announce that Aunt Fannie’s Floor Cleaner Vinegar Wash was declared the winner of an Eco Excellence Award in the Floor Cleaner category. Hosted by NCW Magazine, the Eco-Excellence Awards™ are the only ones of their kind to recognize excellence in social and environmental sustainability for products, services and companies. Thanks to all our customers and …

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All Natural Stain Removal Guide

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Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, laundry does not top your list of hobbies. It’s a necessary evil, especially if you have kids who, as you know, are Olympic gold medalists in Stain Creation. While the chemicals in conventional laundry stain treatment solutions get the tough stains out, they are also some of the most toxic cleaning products available. Many contain …

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Environmental Working Group Gives Aunt Fannie’s All A’s

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What is the microbiome? The word microbiome is defined as the collection of microbes or microorganisms that inhabit an environment, creating a “mini-ecosystem” of sorts. It’s the invisible operating system of life. Gazillions of microbiota strong, this ecosystem is designed to help us thrive. We’re part of it. It’s part of us. We know it in the gut, but there’s …


How to Eliminate Ants from Your Kitchen

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Have you accidentally left a half-eaten cookie on your kitchen counter overnight? Did the kids drop a few crumbs on the floor? If you live in a region where ants are prevalent, you may have just provided them with a feast. While mostly harmless, ants are a big nuisance and can be difficult to eradicate once they’ve invaded your kitchen. Heavy …

Green Kitchen Toolkit: 3 Products We Love

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In the words of the Beatles, we get by with a little help from our friends. When it comes to keeping the kitchen squeaky clean, we’ve got an arsenal of sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning products and accessories. Here are three of favorites. Amala Magic Sponge Cloth Americans use a whopping 13 billion pounds of paper towels every year. That’s about 51,000 …

8 Genius Ways to Use Eggshells In Your Kitchen & Garden

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After you’ve whipped up a fluffy, delectable omelet, you’re left with a pile of eggshells destined for the garbage can. But not so fast! Instead of tossing them, here are 8 ways you can put them to work both in your kitchen and your garden. #1 Scrub your pots and pans. Ground eggshells mixed with a bit of soapy water …

How to Compost Kitchen Scraps

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Have you considered composting your kitchen scraps but don’t know where to start? Here’s a beginner’s guide to get you started on this easy, rewarding and beneficial activity. First off, what is composting? Composting is nature’s process of recycling organic material such as vegetable scraps into a rich soil additive. Why should I compost? Food waste is a hot topic …

Are Conventional Cleaners Bad for Asthma?

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You probably know someone with suffers from asthma. How about a friend or loved one who struggles with allergies or other respiratory sensitivities? Rates of chronic respiratory illness have been on the rise over the last several decades and families are looking for answers as to why. A growing body of research points to conventional cleaning products as one of …