Dogs live on the floor. They lick stuff. They chew on stuff (hello, cat litter as candy dish!). So here’s the heads-up on everyday household items that can be toxic to dogs—and are probably within paw’s reach.

P.S. You can count any all things Aunt Fannie’s to be dog-friendly, cat-friendly and human-friendly, too.


Even more than regular dish soap, dishwashing liquids and pods can be toxic to dogs and pets. Pods can look like toys or treats and are dangerous to dogs, particularly harming the membranes in their mouths and intestines.

The average American wasted 219 pounds of food in 2010, according to the EPA.


It’s wild, but onions kill canine blood cells.  Eating onions can result in a disease called Heinz Body Anemia that can possibly become life threatening. Even onion powder in food can have this affect, so beware with table scraps.


There is a connection between these tasty snacks and canine kidney damage.


Ant or roach traps that are left out to catch pests can catch the curiosity of a dog (or cat). Not good.


If you’re into natural foods, this sweetener may be in your home, especially in sweet treats, candy, mints and gum. It can cause liver damage in dogs.


We’re writing this from Oregon, where marijuana has been legal for a while. We write this without judgement, but edibles are not recommended for dogs, nor is marijuana in bud or plant form. All could look like treats to your furry one.

You know about chocolate and chicken bones and obvious stuff like anti-freeze – but yes, those are toxic to dogs as well.



All of our products – including our pest control – are formulated to be safe around our furry friends when used as directed. They get the job done with essential oils and other safe, plant-based ingredients, NOT harsh chemicals or even earth-made stuff that can be doggy un-friendly.

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