Aunt Fannie's Wins in Home Kitchens

Aunt Fannie’s Wins in Home Kitchens

Aunt Fannie Reviews & Testimonials

I had just moved into a new apartment and only a few days in our place became INFESTED with fruit flies. Absolutely disgusting. There were at least 300 swarming the kitchen and bathroom (no exaggeration). We had no idea the source. An exterminator came to try to destroy them…this got rid of most but we still had a lot left – 80, maybe. I searched high and low for solutions and came across Aunt Fannie’s. I bought 2 jars. Worked almost immediately! After 1-2 days many flies were gone, they had all gradually gravitated to the Aunt Fannie’s jars and got stuck in the bottom. It is disgusting how many flies are in those jars. Now we are left with 5-6 fruit flies but it’s such a huge transformation! HIGHLY recommend this product.

Anna C.
State College, PA