Aunt Fannie's Partners with NAASF

The North American Association of SUBWAY® Franchisees Takes a Clean Approach

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Aunt Fannie’s is excited to announce our partnership with the North American Association of SUBWAY® Franchisees.

As more restaurants move toward fresher food with fewer chemicals, they are faced with new problems in food safety. One of them being fruit flies, which can carry dangerous food-borne illnesses. SUBWAY® Restaurants led the charge toward fresh, quality ingredients for more than 50 years, and now, many of its franchisees across the U.S. and Canada are taking another step toward creating healthy restaurants.

Through this partnership, NAASF’s SUBWAY® franchisee members will have access to FlyPunch!, a powerful, industrial-grade, non-toxic product that keeps fruit flies at bay, as well as Aunt Fannie’s line of safe, natural and hard-working vinegar-based non-toxic cleaning products. These products will not only help increase food safety, but also create a healthier environment for employees and patrons.

“Our dedication to serving fresh, quality food is our top priority. We are impressed by Aunt Fannie’s all natural ingredients and shared commitment to promoting and preserving health. Together, we can provide safe, healthy solutions to food safety,” explains Illya Berecz, NAASF’s Executive Director.

Aunt Fannie’s Safe Near Food™ mission ensures that all cleaning and pest removal products are all natural, and suitable for use every place where food is eaten, prepared, or stored.

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