8 Genius Ways to Use Eggshells In Your Kitchen & Garden

Aunt Fannie Blog


After you’ve whipped up a fluffy, delectable omelet, you’re left with a pile of eggshells destined for the garbage can. But not so fast! Instead of tossing them, here are 8 ways you can put them to work both in your kitchen and your garden.

#1 Scrub your pots and pans. scouringGround eggshells mixed with a bit of soapy water make the perfect scouring formula for tough-to-clean cookware.

#2 Take the edge off your morning cup of joe. When you brew your coffee, toss in a crushed eggshell with the grounds. This will result in a less bitter brew. When you’re done, the grounds and eggshells can both be added to your compost heap.

#3 Keep your drains clear. Avoid clogged pipes by crushing a few eggshells into your kitchen sink strainer. They’ll trap solids in the sink, and as the shells gradually break up, they’ll gently scour your pipes on the way down the drain.

#4 Help keep your pet healthy. calciumDry eggshells in the oven (250 degrees for 30 minutes), place in sealed baggie, then crush until shells are a fine powder. Sprinkle into your dog’s food for a boost of calcium that will help them maintain strong teeth and bones.

#5 Add them to your compost pile. Eggshells add valuable calcium and other minerals to the soil. They decompose quickly, making them a great item to compost.

#6 Deter pests in your garden. To help ward off slugs, snails and cutworms without the use of harmful pesticides, scatter crushed shells around your plant or flower beds. Fun fact: deer hate the smell of eggs so your shells will be working double duty.

#7 Create biodegradable seedling starters. To prep seedlings for your garden, fill eggshell halves with potting soil and 1-2 seeds before placing each one back in original carton. They can be kept on your windowsill until they are ready big enough for planting.eggshell seedlings

#8 Feed the birds. Birds will love snacking on the shells. You can also feed them to your chickens, just crush them up first.